Product information

Actoanid® Spray/Foam

Non-alcoholic rapid disinfectants for medical devices and surfaces

  • especially for all alcohol-sensitive surfaces
  • alcohol, aldehyde and phenol-free
  • no rinsing necessary
  • bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal activity in just 60 sec.
  • long-lasting effect against the re-entry of bacteria and viruses occuring in the air
  • also applicable as foam (Actoanid® Foam)
  • dermatologically tested and rates as „very good“
  • DGHM / VAH listed
  • medical product class II A


Actoanid® Spray and Actoanid® Foam are non-alcoholic, ready-to-use disinfectants for rapid disinfection and cleaning of non-invasive medical devices with alcohol-sensitive surfaces. They are particularly suitable for inaccessible surfaces. The products have a comprehensive effective microbiological activity and provide a long and effective disinfection. Actoanid® Spray and Actoanid® Foam are environmentally friendly and skin-friendly. The products have excellent surface compatibility.

100 g contains: 0.23 g polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride; 0.28 g quaternary ammonium compounds and auxiliary substances.

Actoanid® Spray and Actoanid® Foam have bactericidal (incl. MRSA), fungicidal (C. albicans) and virucidal (incl. Rota virus and all enveloped viruses, HBV/ HIV/ HCV/ BVDV, Vaccinia, Ebola and Corona viruses) in only 60 sec.


Efficacy Exposure time
bactericidal (incl. MRSA) 60 sec.
limited virucidal (Vaccinia, Corona and Rota viruses) 60 sec.
fungicidal (incl. C. albicans) 60 sec.

Apply Actoanid® Spray / Actoanid® Foam on surfaces or instruments to be disinfected with a distance of 30 cm, allow to act for 60 seconds and then wipe with a clean cloth in one movement from the clean to the contaminated area and allow to air-dry.

Actoanid® Spray / Actoanid® Foam are suitable for the rapid disinfection of laboratories, sanitary areas, medical equipment and inventory in hospitals, medical and dental practices, such as operating tables, incubators, ultrasound machines, stethoscopes, etc.  The recommended operating temperature is between 19 ° C and 21 ° C.

Actoanid® Spray

Single unit Packaging unit Article no.
1 L 12 05.1230.1
4500 ml + 500 ml 3 05.1230.45
5 L 4 05.1230.5

Actoanid® Foam

Single unit Packaging unit Article no.
1 L 12 05.1220.1

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