Concentrated Presoak and Silver Cleaning Agent

Perfect Silver Cleaner

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Actoshine® Presoak is a highly-effective presoak and silver cleaning agent. Cleans off dried food residuals. Eliminates tannin stains and black spots on silver. Delivers spotless shining in rusted steel and silver.

Chemical composition​

< 5% Sodium hydroxide, 15-30% Sodium Carbonate, 15 – 30% Amphoteric Surface-Active Agent.

Method of Use:​

Get rid of rough stains. Add hot water (max. 45 °C) to the dishpan where the soaking will take place. Add 10-20 ml/L Actoshine® Presoak to water and keep the dishes in the dishpan until the product takes effect (10 to 20 min). Then, proceed with regular washing in the dishwasher. For silverware: Add hot water (max. 45 °C) and 10-20 ml/L of Actoshine® Presoak and some aluminium foil into a plastic dishpan. Keep the silverware in the soaking dishpan for 5 to 10 minutes. Then, proceed with regular cleaning. Do not use for aluminum materials. Test the product before use. Only for professional use.


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