Actolind® w Genital

Cleaning, Care, Deodorizer and Anti-Itch Gel and Solution for Genital Area

  • Neither allergic nor toxic
  • Free from colorants and odorizer
  • Paraben-, soap-, alcohol-free formulation
  • Compatible with vaginal pH
  • No requirement of rinsing after application
  • Dermatologically tested and rated as „very good“
  • As an external genital wash or removal of microorganisms and prevention of infection

Actolind® w Genital is especially designed for women who suffer from genitalia disorders such as vaginal yeast disease, vulvitis, vaginitis; disorders women often encounter and which are frequently seen especially during pregnancy, menstruation and while taking contraceptive pills and antibiotics. The product helps to eliminate any irritation and odor caused by any disorder and / or surgical procedure in this region, and moisturize genitalia and restore its normal pH value. Actolind® w Genital can also be used for daily hygiene and cleaning to avoid from itching, irritation and unpleasant scent etc. caused by bacterial infection.

100 g of Actolind® w Genital  Gel contains; Polyhexanide, auxiliary substances, carrier substances and distilled water.

100 g of Actolind® w Genital Solution contains; Polyhexanide, auxiliary substances, and distilled water.

Actolind® w Genital  is used for itching and irritation in the external genitalia after menstruation, pregnancy and during menopause, for postpartum antisepsis of genitalia, for eliminating odors generated in the genital area caused by bacterial infection, to wash external genital for removal of microorganisms and prevention of infection before and after sexual intercourse, for hygiene in genitalia after vaginal diseases or vaginal surgical procedures, before and after fitting a urinary catheter. Actolind® w Genital  can be used as long as and as frequent as you want for relief of itching, burning sensation after infections of genitalia. The product is only for use in external genital region.

Single Unit Packaging Unit Article No.:
100 ml Solution + 30 ml Gel 15 x 3 06.2303.130

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