Acto® Shine Mobily

Concentrated Wooden Surface Cleaner

Acto® Shine Mobily is developed for the cleaning of all wooden surfaces. Can be safely used on all wipeable surfaces such as cabinets, doors, windows and hardwood.


Thoroughly cleans off any dirty, smudge and stain without any damage to the wood. Preserves the natural gloss of the wood. Provides a refreshing environment.

< 5% Anionic Surface Active Agent, < 1% Amphoteric Surface Active Agent, Coloring Agent, Perfume

Add 50 to 100 ml of Acto® Shine Mobily to 5 liters of water. No need to dry after use. Allow the surface to dry.

Single Unit Article-No.
1 L 07.1900
5 L 07.1900
20 L 07.1900

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