Actolit® Clean

Overall Surface Cleaner

Actolit® Clean is a highly effective overall surface cleaner. Cleans off tenacious stains and greasy buildups without any residue. Regular use improves hygienic standards.

5 – 15% Non-ionic Surface Active Agent, 5 – 15% Ethanol, Perfume, Preservative

Can be used on any washable surface. It should be diluted with water in a proper amount. Can be applied as concentrate for stains difficult to remove. Must be immediately rinsed after any concentrated application. The surface must be rinsed with water and allowed to dry after the cleaning process. Must be diluted to 5-10 ml/L with water.


Only for professional use.

Single Unit Article-No.
5 L 07.3335
20 L 07.3335

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