Actomat® Oxy

• Stabilized hydrogen peroxide formula
• Causes no chlorhexidine stain
• Compatible with all detergent types

Actomat® Oxy is an oxygen-based bleacher and a stain remover developed for all professional laundries.

Serves as a bleacher for all types of clothes including colored and white ones. Due to its low viscosity, it is homogeneously spread in the water. Takes maximum effect at 70-90 C and in alkaline setting (pH 9 to 11). Must be used together with Actomat® Klass, the alkaline auxiliary washing agent.

Actomat® Oxy is used together with a dosage unit in professional laundries such as in hospitals, restaurants and hotels. Suitable for all types of textile (except polyamide). The dosage is set according to the washing cycle and the type of stain.

For blood stains, perform a pre-washing process with an enzymatic detergent and then put Actomat® Oxy to use. In case of direct contact with any blood stain, blood and peroxide react and create tenacious stains.

Developed for professional use.

Single Unit Article-No.
5 L 07.3502
20 L 07.3502


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