Environment and Sustainability

Sustainability with ACTO

As ACTO, we are conscious of our environmental impact and are taking action towards building a more sustainable future.

To achieve this, we have implemented improvements within our operations, work with third party organisations and are a member of associations dedicated to improving sustainability. We are actively working to improve the sustainability of our packaging, and that of our supply chain partners.

We are currently investigating, reviewing and implementing initiatives with tangible and positive environmental impacts, guided by a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle framework. Beyond this, we also ensure that our products are built with responsibly sourced timber.


We have been working internally and with suppliers to reduce waste created from normal operation. These reductions have been focussed on packaging, transport and energy consumption including the following activities:

Reduction in Power Usage

The introduction of LED lighting, which is only used to supplement natural light, has reduced energy use in warehouses.

Reduction in Polystyrene Use

Honeycomb cardboard packaging has been used to replace polystyrene throughout 99% of our products.

Reduction in Use of Pallets

Floor loading has been implemented in over 95% of our inbound containers, greatly reducing the need for pallets.


Where waste and packaging aren’t able to be reduced, we’ve implemented programs to re-purpose those items for another use. These programs include:

Re-Use of Pallets

When damaged pallets are returned, we have a dedicated operation to repair them and return them into circulation, reducing waste in the purchase of new pallets.

Repurposing of Cardboard Packaging

Excess cardboard or waste cardboard is re-purposed in packing products on pallets for deliveries to eliminate the need for extra packaging materials.


Throughout our operations, we have implemented a number of processes and partnerships with third parties to recycle materials that can’t be reduced or re-used, including:


Any pallets that can’t be repaired or re-used are sent to be shredded and used as chip bark for gardens.


All cardboard in our warehouses is recycled.


Shrinkwrap plastic is shredded and recycled to make products such as wheelie bins.


Vinyl offcuts are recycled into new products


We’re working toward 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging.

Closed Loop

Working towards a closed-loop initiative with packaging and waste.

Sustainable Timber

Along with enhancing the sustainability of our own operations, we are also ensuring that our products are made from sustainably harvested sources. These activities help us work towards creating a sustainable future, minimising our environmental footprint.

Recycling Beyond ACTO

Whilst creating more environmentally friendly activities within ACTO’s operations, our products still need to be packaged securely and sent to our customers.

Along with package labelling, ACTO has also formed a partnership with REDcycle to provide convenient recycling for our soft plastic packaging. Through the program, customers can recycle soft plastics from ACTO products using specially marked collection bins located at the front of participating supermarkets all around world.

Customers can recycle a range of soft plastic packaging including screw bags, product protection bags and handles bags. For more information, visit