Our Corporate Philosophy

Since our company was founded in 1990, we have developed breakthrough, category-leading products that have helped to shape our industry. All of our activities are based on our corporate philosophy, built on our Purpose and Core Values, ensuring a common understanding of what ACTO is and what we stand for, all over the world.

Our Purpose and Core Values

Our Purpose “Making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling” is our reason for being, the ultimate outcome of our efforts that motivates us all to come to work every day. Our Core Values are the beliefs and principles we share. These are the elements that best describe the type of company we are and continue to strive to be.

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Corporate culture

As a company and employer we promote a fair, sincere and performance-related corporate culture. Our guiding principles rest upon customer centricity, operational excellence and valuing our employees. Our culture is rooted in our global corporate philosophy.

Social responsibility

ACTO attaches great value to responsible corporate behavior as part of the corporate philosophy. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy is based on the guiding principle “Empowering people, enhancing lives”.

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quality management

Quality management

At ACTO, the pursuit of quality is evident right into all corners of our company. Our quality management ensures that all international standards and processes are fully adhered to at all times and remain up to date. The continuous improvement of our business processes helps to increase the performance and efficiency of the entire organization.