Our Brand

ACTO GmbH is a place, an experience, and a brand powered by respect and admiration for our community.
Brand. Imperatives.

We have five brand imperatives that characterize the ambitions of ACTO. Our brand imperatives also point to long-term actions and behaviors described in our 2021 strategic plan. The desired outcomes will be measured against our collective pursuit of these initiatives. Our brand imperatives are supported with a corresponding key action.

Be a good host.
Engage with a more diverse visitor audience. Identify those genuine inflection points and replicate them.

History on the attack.
Show up in uncharted territory through our people, design and voice.

Obsess over our audience.
Anticipate future needs of our guests. Act on insights from customer experience feedback. Be students of social and consumer trends in our space.

Tune every instrument.
Share a coherent vision across leadership, financial operating teams and board committees.

We are bigger than our buildings.
Through new collaborations and partnerships, become a recognizable and compelling voice in ACTO Actively participate with a point of view on big issues and current events

Brand. Voice.

Our brand voice is inherently active and inviting. We use a confident and energetic tone to encourage visitors to be a part of the experience.

We speak to our audiences with clarity and use the following principles to guide our brand voice.

Be Loud & Clear
We use simple words and sentences to connect our audience to the content. Consider the content as well as the context for its use and how it will be read. Use the most relevant language to maximize the effectiveness of an idea.

Inspire Participation
We pull our audience in and help them participate in our experience. We inform and educate them about the richness of our community’s history. Whether we are writing for a poster or a special announcement, we lead them through the content, guiding them to the information that will be most helpful to them.

Be Friendly, Clear & Relatable
We write in a way that suits each and every situation. Under certain circumstances, our tone might be informal and entertaining. In other scenarios, we might write in a manner that demands formality. Under all circumstances, remember to connect with our audience by being friendly, clear and relatable.