Chlorine-Containing Cleaner


Acto® Chloro is an alkaline cleaning product with chlorine content. Due to its complex formula, it provides quick and efficient cleaning. Easily removes oils, dirt, tenacious stains. 

Provides glossy, spotless surfaces. Refresh the air of the environment. Eliminates any malodour. It can be used in many areas such as food production areas, industrial kitchens, public areas, bathrooms, toilets, and laundry facilities. Due to its viscous formula, it cleans surfaces and gives a long lasting effect.

Chemical composition​

15-30% Sodium Hypochlorite, ≤5% Sodium Hydroxide, ≤5% Anionic surfactant, Chelating Agent, Perfume.

Method of Use:​

Acto® Chloro can be used on all washable, alkaline and chlorine resist- ant surfaces. It can be used in dishwashing and laundering as auxiliary washing agent and stain remover. Adjustable foam prevents excessive foaming. 

It is used without diluting in areas such as toilet bowls, sinks, cutting boards, bathtubs. 10-15 ml / L on hard surfaces – 5-10 ml / L on white linen. After use, laundry and food contact surfaces must be thor- oughly rinsed. 

Do not use on precision metal, aluminium, non-chlorine resistant surfaces, colored laundry. Check the material compatibility before use.


Article-No.UnitPieces in Box
07.3587.750750 ml15
107.3587.55 L4