Ready-to-Use Disinfection Wipes for Alcohol-Sensitive Surfaces


Actoanid® Wipes is used for cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces of alcohol-sensitive medical devices which are not suitable for contact with liquid. Polyhexanide and quaternary ammonium combination based. It is a product suitable for cleaning large areas and it is in the form of wipes containing nonwovens (viscose/ polyester). It does not contain aldehyde and phenol derivatives.

It is used for cleaning and disinfection of medical devices with a non-invasive, regular and smooth surface. Suitable for safe and effective disinfection of medical devices such as incubators, ultrasound probes (excluding vaginal probes), external surfaces of hemodialysis devices, dental units (excluding drills and hoses) that need to be disinfected frequently.

Chemical composition​

Content of 100 g Impregnation Solution: 0.25 g Poly (Hexamethylene Biguanide) Hydrochloride, (PHMB), 0.25 g Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC) and excipients.

Microbiological Activity​

Microbiological ActivityTest MethodConcentrationEffect Time
BakterisidalEN 16615Ready-to-use1 min.
Fungicidal (Aspergillus brasiliensis, Candida albicans)EN 16615Ready-to-use1 min.
Limited Virucidal (Vaccinia)EN 14476Ready-to-use1 min.

Method of Use:​

Remove the blood and other body fluids on the surface with an absorbent material before the procedure. Wipe the surface of the medical device with Actoanid® Wipes to use 3-4 wipes per square meter.


Article-No.UnitPieces in Box
05.1210.8080 wipes 15×20 cm18 (Packaging Bag)
05.1210.100100 wipes 15×24 cm6 (PE Container)