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Actoclean® Perfect

Enzyme-based, concentrated disinfectant for medical instruments and endoscopes


  • free of aldehyde, phenol and phosphates
  • free of dyes and odors
  • bactericidal in 15 minutes
  • suitable for all types of medical instruments as well as rigid and flexible endoscopes
  • recommended use concentration: 1% (10 ml concentrate in 990 ml water)
  • excellent material compatibility
  • prevents corrosion
  • medical device class II B


Actoclean® Perfect is an enzyme-based concentrate cleaner for manual cleaning of flexible endoscopes and surgical instruments. The instruments should be pre-cleaned to remove organic burden to increase the disinfecting effect. The optimally matched 4-enzyme system offers excellent cleaning performance before sterilization or high-level disinfection. It effectively removes certain types of pollution, such as dried and stubborn blood, even in hard-to-reach places. In addition to the cleaning effect, Actoclean® Perfect is gentle to instrument surfaces due to its special formulation.

100 g contains: 10 g non-ionic surfactants, 0.8 g benzalkonium chloride, 1 g enzyme (protease, lipase, cellulase, amylase), corrosion inhibitors and auxiliary substances.

Bactericidal effect in 15 minutes by using a 1% solution.

The nearly neutral pH value provides excellent material compatibility.

Wear suitable protective clothing before use. Actoclean® Perfect is a concentrate that has to be applied in the desired concentration. Depending on the degree of pollution, apply the prescribed amount of concentrate via a dosing pump with water (temperature: 15°C- 45°C). Depending on the degree of contamination, the mixing ratio of concentrate and water can be varied. Disassemble instruments/ endoscopes after use and place them into the working solution for approx. 15 min. (recommended working concentration: 1%, that is 10 ml of concentrate in 990 ml of water). Make sure that all surfaces and cavities are covered. Depending on the degree of contamination, mechanical cleaning with brushes may be required. Thoroughly rinse cleaned instruments with water and dry them. Visually inspect instruments for cleanliness and repeat procedure if necessary. Store instruments in the solution no longer than the recommended exposure time; the quueous solution can cause long-term corrosion of sensitive instruments and equipment. The working solution is for single use only. After 24 hours, the unused working solution has to be renewed.

Actoclean® Perfect is a liquid, aldehyde-, phenol- and phosphate-free, enzymatic disinfectant with corrosion inhibitors for endoscopes, dental, surgical and medical instruments and equipment, but also for ultrasound equipment, urine bottles and bedpans. Actoclean® Perfect is suitable for medical instruments made of glass, ceramic and plastic as well as for thermolabile devices containing rubber and elastomers.

Single unit Packaging unit Article no.
5 L 4 02.1016.5

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