Manual Dishwashing Product


Actodish® Manuel is is a manual dishwashing product designed for industrial kitchens. Its effective formula helps to clean off any tenacious dirt, stains and oil stains easily. Its highly foaming composition helps to deliver high performance during dishwashing. The pH-value is compatible with skin. It has a pleasant smell, easy to rinse and leaves no spots.

Chemical composition​

15 – 30% Anionic Surface Active Agent, < 5% Non-ionic Surface Active Agent, < 5% Amphoteric Surface Active Agent, Limonene, Preservative

Method of Use:​

Using with hot water would provide more effective results. After a proper amount of the product is solved in water, the washing proce- dure is performed using a brush and sponge. Can be poured directly on tenacious stains. Rinse dishes with plenty of water after washing.


Only for professional use. 

Usage Amount: 2-5 ml/L


Article-No.UnitPieces in Box
07.3597.11 L10
07.3597.55 L4
107.3597.2020 L1