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ACTOLIND® Hydrocolloid Plus

Actolind® Hydrocolloid Plus, is a gelatin free hydrocolloid adhesive wound dressing laminated to a semi-permeable, bacteria-proof and waterproof polyurethane film backing. The dressing forms gel upon absorbing wound exudates providing a moist wound environment that supports granulation and epithelialization.

Gel formation prevents the dressing from adhering to wounds and so the dressing can be removed with- out causing pain and without damaging the granula- tion of epithelial tissue.

The outermost layer, which is used to protect the wound from external contamination, is a breathable, bacteria proof, virus proof and water proof polyure- thane film.


✜ Partial and full thickness dermal ulcers
✜ Pressure, Leg and Diabetic ulcers
✜ Burns (First and Second Degrees)
✜ Skin Donor sites and Skin grafts
✜ Superficial wounds/minor abrasions
✜ Protection of fragile skin or areas exposed to friction such as elbows, heels or the sacral area
✜ Ostomy wounds to protect the skin from stomal effluent
✜ Post-operative dressings for suture line protection Infants diaper rash


ACTOLIND® Hydrocolloid Plus

Highly retentive hydrocolloid backed foam dressing

No:Article-No.Product Size (mm)
120.6420.0175 mm x 75 mm Tracheostomy
220.6420.02100 mm x 100 mm Tracheostomy
320.6420.03125 mm x 125 mm Tracheostomy
420.6420.04100 mm x 200 mm
520.6420.05150 mm x 150 mm
620.6420.06180 mm x 180 mm
720.6420.0745 mm x 45 mm
820.6420.0868 mm x 43 mm
920.6420.09180 mm x 165 mm Concave
1020.6420.10220 mm x 220 mm Sacral
1120.6420.11170 mm x 170 mm Sacral
1220.6420.1222 mm x 35 mm
1320.6420.1326 mm x 65 mm
1420.6420.1430 mm x 70 mm
1520.6420.1560 mm x 100 mm
1620.6420.1675 mm x 100 mm
1720.6420.17200 mm x 200 mm


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