Acidic Detergent

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Actomat® Klass is a neutralization agent developed for use in all professional laundries.

It is added to the final rinsing water in order to eliminate the alkalinity left by alkaline washing agents on clothes. Its special formula helps to leave no residues on clothes. Thus, hardness and yellowing of clothes is prevented. The formic acid in its formula is completely removed from clothes during the drying process.

Method of Use:​

Actomat® Klass is used together with the dosage unit in profession- al laundries of hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. Suitable for all types of textile. The dosage must be set by taking the water alkalinity, the amount of clothes and the type of the machine/washing cycle into account. Developed for professional use.

Actomat® Klass amount (ml/kg*)
1,5-5 ml

*Dry cloth weight

Comply with the instructions of the manufacturer of the washing machine.

Chemical Composition:

≥30% Formic acid


Article-No.UnitPieces in Box
07.3302.55 L4
07.3302.2020 L1