Alkaline Auxiliary Washing Agent
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Actomat® Perfect is a phosphate-based alkaline auxiliary washing agent developed for all professional laundries. Regulates the pH of the wash water and eliminates water hardness. This way, it easily removes dirts and stains from clothes. Suspends any dirt in the water. Suspension of dirts and elimination of water hardness avoids clothes going gray. 

Rapid and effective solution for any type of oil stain. Highly effective when used together with the Main Washing Agent and the Bleaching Agent for laundry. Completely removes any dirt and stain from clothes.

Method of Use:​

Used in company with the dosage unit in professional laundries of hospitals, restaurants, and hotels. The amount of use is defined by water hardness, type of stain, and the amount of clothes.

Actomat® Perfect provides effective results even in the hardest water. Developed for professional use.

Level of DirtActomat® Perfect amount (ml/kg*)
Mild2-5 ml
Medium5-10 ml
Heavy10-15 ml

*Dry cloth weight
Comply with the instructions of the manufacturer of the washing machine. Increase the amount in extremely hard water.

Chemical Composition:

<5% Potassium hydroxide, <30% Potassium Tripolyphosphate


Article-No.UnitPieces in Box
07.3502.55 L4
07.3502.520 L1