Floor and Surface Disinfectant


Actosal® Flache AF, is a concentrated product that cleans and disinfects simultaneously with chemical content. Free of aldehyde and phenol. Suitable for use on all surfaces.

In risky areas of hospitals: it is used for cleaning and disinfection of all water-resistant floors, surface and fixtures, hard and PVC floors, acrylic glasses, incubators, slides, urinary containers and kitchens contaminated with blood and body secretion.

Chemical composition

100 g contains: 9.9 g of diethyldimethylammonium chloride (70 %) and auxiliary substances.

Microbiological Activity

Microbiological ActivityTest MethodConcentrationEffect Time
BakterisidalEN 12761 %15 min
Fungisidal (C.albicans, A.niger)EN 16501 %15 min
Virusidal (Vaccinia)EN 144761 %15 min

Method of Use:

It is applied by mopping for disinfection and cleaning processes of floors, and by wiping for other surfaces. It should be applied after contamination.

Always complete the disinfection and cleaning process by wiping from clean areas to dirty areas, from farther areas to closer areas, and from top to bottom. Make sure that the surface is completely wet.

Concentration of Use

Concentration RatioWater AmountProduct Amount
1 %990 ml10 ml


Article-No.UnitPieces in Box
05.5502.11 L14
05.5502.55 L4