Concentrated High-Level Disinfectant for Endoscopes
and Medical Instruments


Actosed® PA Combining the combination of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide with corrosion inhibitors in a special formula, Actosed® PA provides the user with fast, efficient and safe handling and is one of the best choices for high-level disinfection of medical instruments and endoscopes. The aldehyde free formulation makes the product safer for the environment and users. Actosed® PA has a wide material compatibility when used at recommended concentrations and durations of use.

Chemical composition​

100 g contains: Combination of ≤ 10 % peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, corrosion inhibitor and auxiliary substances.

Microbiological Activity​

Microbiological ActivityTest MethodConcentrationEffect Time
Bakterisidal  EN 14561%110 minute
Fungucidal EN 14562%110 minute
 EN 14563%110 minute
Virucidal(VAdeno, Polio, MNV)EN 14476%1,10 minute
Sporocidal(B. subtilis)EN 13704%310 minute

Actosed® PA Powder has a wide material compatibility when used at recommended concentrations and durations of use. It is compatible with flexible and rigid endoscopes, anesthesia materials, surgical instruments made of stainless steel, thermoplastics, elastomer and glass materials. Product is not suitable for instruments with deteriorated coating nor instruments which are made of copper, brass and anodized aluminum material.


Material compatibility of Actosed® PA Powder has been tested and approved by KARL STORZ


UnitPieces in BoxArticle-No.
2 L901.9305.2
5 L401.9305.5
Test Strip – Pack of 25 pcs114.4154.25


For professional use only. Read the instructions before use, carefully. Use according to recommended concentrations and contact times. Use personaprotective equipment (gloves, glasses, masks, etc.) while preparing and using the product. The production date, serial number, and expiry date are indicated on the label. Durable 3 years at room temperature. The product can be used for a maximum of 6 weeks after the package is opened. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations. For detailed hazards informations read the Safety Data Sheet.