Product information

Actosed® PA

Concentrated High-Level Disinfectant for Endoscopes and Medical Instruments

  • Contains a combination of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide
  • Used for high-level disinfection of cleaned flexible and rigid endoscopes and medical instruments
  • Wide spectrum of action including spores, and is fast-acting on bacteria (including Tbc), viruses and fungi
  • Can maintain its effectiveness in the presence of organic matter
  • Biodegradable
  • Offers safe use for healthcare professionals
  • Can be used manually or with endoscope washing machine

Actosed® PA, Combining the combination of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide with corrosion inhibitors in a special formula, Actosed® PA provides the user with fast, efficient and safe handling and is one of the best choices for high-level disinfection of medical instruments and endoscopes. The aldehyde-free formulation makes the product safer for the environment and users. Actosed® PA has a wide material compatibility when used at recommended concentrations and durations of use.

100 g contains: Combination of ≤10% peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide, corrosion inhibitor and auxiliary substances

Microbiological Activity Test Concentration Action


EN 14561 1% 10 min.

(C. albicans)

EN 14562 1% 10 min.


EN 14563 1% 10 min.

(Adeno, Polio, MNV)

EN 14476 1% 10 min.
Sporosidal EN 13704 3% 10 min.

Actosed® PA is compatible with flexible and rigid endoscopes, anesthesia materials, surgical instruments made of stainless steel, thermoplastics and elastomer. Product is not suitable for instruments with deteriorated coating nor instruments which are made of copper, brass, anodized aluminum material. The product is used in the widely-known endoscope brands such as Wolf, Storz, Fujinon, Pentax, Olympus.

Before using Actosed® PA, clean the instrument surfaces and canals with a suitable enzymatic cleaner. At this stage, we recommend that Actoclean® Perfect be used. After cleaning, rinse and dry the instruments. Manual usage; first fill the instrument bath with water (at room temperature), add the product at an appropriate amount, wait for 10-15 seconds to ensure homogeneous distribution. Make sure that all instruments and all canals come into contact with the solution during application. The lid of the disinfectant bath must be kept closed during use. The non-contaminated solution is stable for 7 days. The minimum effective concentration (MEC) should be checked with the test strips. If the color in test strips changes, the solution should be changed. After the recommended contact time, the medical devices should be rinsed with water of at least drinking water quality and dried.


Usage with the endoscope washing machine; always follow the device manufacturer’s instructions for use. The product can be used with automatic dosing by connecting to the disinfectant pump of endoscope washing machines.


Recommended concentration of use for high-level disinfection: 3% – 10 minutes

Single unit Packaging unit Article no.
5 L 4 01.9305.5

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