Product information

Actosed® PA

Sporozide-effective peracetic acid-based instrument disinfectant


  • aldehyde- and phenol-free
  • effective even in the presence of organic material
  • excellent material compatibility
  • also suitable for manual use and endoscope washing machines
  • safe use compared to use of aldehydes
  • easily biodegradable
  • effective in 10 minutes against bacteria (including tuberculosis), fungi, enveloped and non-enveloped viruses and spores
  • recommended usage concentration: 30 ml/l (= 3% solution)
  • medical device class II B

Peracetic acid is a known active ingredient for the inactivation of all groups of microorganisms, especially spores. It successfully removes organic materials without leaving any residues and harmful decomposition chemicals. Actosed® PA Solution combines peracetic acid and corrosion inhibitors in its special formulation. Actosed® PA Solution is an excellent choice when fast sterilization is required. The product has a very short exposure time to kill pathogenic germs. Due to the aldehyde-free formulation, the product is almost harmless to the environment. Actosed® PA Solution is gentle on the material (using the recommended use concentration) and provides cold sterilization that facilitates the disinfection of heat-sensitive materials.

100 g of the solution contains: combination of peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide ≤ 10%; corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers.

Actosed® PA Solution works at a concentration of 3% bactericidal (including MRSA), tuberculocidal, fungicidal, sporicidal and virucidal (Adeno, Polio and Noro viruses) within 10 minutes.


Efficacy Exposure time Concentration
bactericidal (incl. tuberculosis) 10 min. 1%
virucidal (Adeno, Polio and Noro viruses) 10 min. 1%
sporocidal 10 min. 3%

Actosed® PA Solution is compatible with flexible endoscopes, anesthetic materials, surgical instruments, thermoplastics and elastomers. The product is not suitable for instruments containing carbide inserts, anodized components and titanium parts. To maximize shelf life of the materials, the instruments should not last longer inside the solution than the recommended time.


The working concentration of Actosed® PA Solution can be used for up to 7 days. The efficacy should be checked by test strips.

Actosed® PA Solution is a concentrate and has to be diluted. The recommended working concentration is 3%, this corresponds to 30 ml of Actosed® PA Solution per liter of water. Before using Actosed® PA Solution, wear protective gloves and thoroughly clean the disinfection tub with Actoclean® Flüssig and clear water to remove any residual chemicals, especially aldehydes. To prepare the solution, use the dosing pump. Disassemble instruments after use and place them into the solution for 10 minutes. Make sure that all surfaces and cavities are covered. After disinfecting, rinse instruments thoroughly with water and allow to dry. Depending on the contamination, renew the solution. For instrument care, Acto® Oil Spray SF and Actoton® M are recommended.

Actosed® PA Solution is suitable for the manual disinfection of all kinds of thermostable and thermolabile medical and surgical instruments, e.g. from MIC surgery, anesthesia materials, instrument pans, ultrasonic machines and endoscopes. Also suitable for washer-disinfectors.


The product is compatible with endoscopes from Wolf, Storz, Fuji, Pentax and Olympus.

Single unit Packaging unit Article no.
5 L 4 01.9305.5

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