Product information

Actosept® AF

Fast alcoholic spray disinfection for medical devices and surfaces


  • combination of ethanol, 1-propanol und quaternary ammonium compounds
  • free of aldehydes, phenols, dyes and odors
  • bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal and virucidal effective in 30 sec.
  • excellent material compatibility (exception: acrylic glass, alcohol-sensitive surfaces)
  • fast drying without leaving residues; no rinsing necessary
  • DGHM/VAH listed
  • dermatologically tested and rates as ‘very good’
  • medical device class II A


Actosept® AF is a ready-to-use alcohol-based disinfectant. Fast disinfection of non-invasive alcohol-resistant medical devices and surfaces. It is particularly suitable for inaccessible surfaces. The aldehyde-free composition ensures good material compatibility and residue-free disinfection.


Actosept® AF has a comprehensive microbiological activity. It does not irritate the skin and has a fresh smell.

100 g of the solution contains: 50 g ethanol, 10 g 2-propanol, 0.05 g didecyldimethylammonium propionate and auxiliary substances.

Actosept® AF has bactericidal (incl. MRSA, VRE, A. baumannii), fungicidal (C. albicans), tuberculocidal and virucidal (Rota viruses and all enveloped viruses, incl. HBV/HIV/HCV/BVDV, Vaccinia-, Ebola- and Corona viruses) activities within 30 seconds.


Efficacy Exposure time Concentration
virucidal (Corona-, Rota-, Vaccinia and Ebola viruses, HBV, HIV, HCV, BVDV) 30 sec. 80 %
bactericidal (incl. MRSA, VRE, A. baumanii) 30 sec. 100 %
tuberculocidal 30 sec. 100%
fungicid (C. albicans) 30 sec. 100 %

It is recommended to wear gloves before use. Moisten the objects to be disinfected completely from a distance of 30 cm, wait for 30 seconds and use a dry, clean cloth to wipe the objects/surfaces in one movement from the clean to the contaminated area. Do not rub dry! The residual moisture dries up after a short time without leaving residues. Do not reuse objects/surfaces until they are completely dried.


Recommended application temperature: 19-21°C.



Actosept® AF is suitable for rapid disinfection of alcohol resistant surfaces, equipment and inventory in hospitals, medical and dental practices, nursing homes and clinics (e.g. operating tables, incubators, probes etc.).


Do not use on alcohol-sensitive surfaces!


Single Unit Packaging Unit Article no.
500 ml 20 05.2301.500
1000 ml 12 05.2301.1
4500+500 ml 3 05.2301.45
5 L 4 05.2301.5

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