Product information

Actoton® M

Instrument Maintenance Oil for Manual Use and Washer Disinfectors

  • Contains medical paraffin
  • Suitable for instrument maintenance prior to steam sterilization
  • Provides optimal lubrication of moving instrument parts
  • It prevents wear and extends life of instruments
  • It is economical and saves time
  • Suitable for manual and machine use

Actoton® M is used for manual and machine maintenance of surgical instruments. Provides joint maintenance of medical instruments by creating a thin protective layer on the instruments. Does not damage the instruments. Saves time because it does not require additional processing. Suitable for use in all washer disinfectors.


Area of Use:

Suitable for manual use and use in washer-disinfectors, surgical and dental instruments made of metal, for lubrication and maintenance of scissors, forceps and tools with movable joints.

Medical paraffin oils and non-ionic surfactants.

Use with Machine:

Recommended concentration of use: 0.1% (1 mL/L)

Suitable for use in all washer disinfectors. Since the washing capacity of each machine is different, use it according to the machine manufacturer’s recommendation. For machine use, use with Actoton® A (Alkali Solution) and Actoton® SN / Actoton® C (Neutralization Solution) for better results.


Manual Usage:

Recommended concentration of use: 0.5% (5 mL/L)

Pour the appropriate amount of water into the cuvette to be used. Add Actoton® M in the appropriate ratio, depending on the corrosion and immobility status of the instruments. Make sure that the solution covers all instruments and place by disassembling. Hold for 15 min. Open and close the tools with joints several times in solution to allow the lubricant to contact the entire surface.

Remove all instruments from the solution and rinse and dry. The duration of use of the solution you have prepared is 24 hours, then you should absolutely renew it.

Single Unit Packaging Unit Article-No.
5L 3 04.1701.5

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