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ACTO® Disinfection Bath 3 L

300 cm x 190 cm x 115 cm
Disinfectant solution tub for Cold Disinfection


ACTO® Disinfection Bath Disinfection Bath is presented to be used in disinfection and cleaning of all kind of medical and surgical instruments including endoscopes.

It contains a filter and a cover for doing the disinfection and the cleaning easily and for preventing the contamination of the staff.

It can be used with either the concentrated or the ready-touse products. It contains a dosage table for the using of the disinfectants properly and a separate table for the recording of the procedure. The bath is resistant to the cleaning agents and can be cleansed easily. 

It is made of polyethylene and it has antibacterial characteristics. The disinfection bath can be used with hot water since it is resistant to heat.

Method of Use:​

When using of the concentrated product, put the water and the product into the disinfection bath checking the dosage table. When using of the ready-to-use, put the product into the disinfection bath without diluting. Place the equipments into the bath and record the procedure onto the cover. 

After waiting of effect duration open the cover and take the equipments out of the bath by holding the handles.


Article-No.Single UnitSizePieces in Box
10.0004.33 L300 mm x 190 mm x 115 mm1