Dental Instrument and Dental Disinfectant
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Actodent® Bohrerbad, is a ready-to-use disinfectant for disinfection of medical instruments, particularly dental instruments. Contains anti-corrosion agents. Used for pre-cleaning and disinfection of dental instruments with high cleaning power. Free of aldehyde and phenol.

Actodent® Bohrerbad is used for cleaning and disinfection of dental bur used in dentistry as well as dental surgical and laboratory materials. Has a wide material compatibility including steel, glass, porcelain, ceramic and metal. Suitable for use manually and with ultrasonic washing machine.

Chemical composition​

100 g contains: 0.59 g of Bis (3-aminopropyl) dodecylamine, 0.72 g of Didecylmethylpoly (oxyethyl) ammoniumpropionate and auxiliary substances

Microbiological Activity​

Microbiological ActivityTest MethodConcentrationEffect Time
Bakterisidal)EN 13727 EN 14561Ready-to-use15 minute
Fungucidal (C. albicans)EN 13624 EN 14562Ready-to-use15 minute
Tuberculocidal MycobactericidalEN 14563Ready-to-use30 minute
VirucidalHBV, BHV, BRVReady-to-use15 minute

Method of Use:​

It is ready to use. It is not reconstituted. Put the solution into the bath to be used. Disassemble and place the instruments immediately after use. Make sure that the solution covers all instruments. Close the lid of the bath.

Wait for the action time. Remove all instruments from the solution and rinse with water of at least drinking quality, and dry them. The solution is suitable for daily use.

If turbidity and contamination of the solution increase, change immediately.

You can use either Acto® Oil Spray SF or Actoton® M for maintenance of the instruments


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2 L501.0501.2