Concentrate Enzymatic Detergent


Actoton® N is a cleansing concentrate working on the basis of enzymes for cleaning and/or pre-cleaning of medical instruments in re-processing machines (chemical/thermal procedure).

It has been specially developed for the use for endoscopes. It has a neutral ph-setting and represents a specially adjusted cleansing system with highly active enzymes. Due to its composition

Actoton® N is very well biologically degradable. Suitable for all washer machines.

Chemical composition​

Special enzyme mixture, proteases, amylases, non ionic surfactants, glycol, corrosion inhibitors, preservatives.

Concentration of Use

Concentration RatioAmount of WaterProduct Quantity
% 0,51000 ml5 ml

Method of Use:​

Manual Pre-Cleansing:

According to the degree of dirt a pre-cleansing step has to be carried out taking into account the recommendations of the endoscope manufacturers. Only suitable detergents are to be used. We recommend the enzymatic cleaner Actoclean® Perfect.

If aldehyde free preparations are used for this reprocessing step, like for example Actosed® Endo Terra, the endoscopes have to be thoroughly rinsed with water before the mechanical reprocessing.

Usage instructions for Actoton N for re-processing machines:

Actoton® N is used as a 0,5 % usage solution. The re-processing temperature should be between 35° and 40° C. The usage concentration is adjusted automatically by the dosing pumps of the used re-processing equipment. The following water qualities are recommended: drinking water quality for the usage solution. A final rinsing after a completed re-processing procedure should be carried out with demineralised water. The operating instructions, working programmes and adjustments of the re-processing machines have to be observed according to the specifications of the machine manufacturers. Enzymatic cleansing liquid for endoscope washer machines.


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